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The foundation for the success of our firm in these areas has been to gear our analysis around time tested methods of matching compatibility as well as specifically customizing the approach to these endeavors to that of the client company. Working directly with, an organization we provide a unique and valuable asset to that company. This enables that organization to optimize their resources through training as well as the utilization of other outside resources in order to reach their goals. This enables our client organization to clearly view all of the possibilities without regard to reactive influences within their own organization or industry. Most importantly, our services are geared purely to our client and to their specific needs.  With an emphasis on confidentiality

Acquisitions/Joint Ventures             TOP                

A thorough and confidential analysis is performed to identify synergistic relationships.  Findings will identify rationale for acquiring an organization or to pursue a joint venture.  The emphasis is on protecting the Client from being exposed as "on the acquisition trail" to ensure that the clients needs are met in a timely an economical fashion.  Many aspects of this service are client dependent and we spend the necessary time with the client determining their needs.  Similar areas associated are licensing opportunities and/or licensing optimization.  Contact us for more details.

Process Improvement                        TOP

With 100's of man years experience in manufacturing process, design, plant management etc.  We are successfully able to analyze existing production process and assess changes/modifications to various elements including, formula, product design, equipment utilization and so forth to produce the optimum results that the client desires.


GMP's and FDA Guideline Consulting

The senior partners of S/K Labs are veterans of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Jeff L. Shear was Chief Operations Officer for K/V Pharmaceutical before Co-founding S/K Labs and has sat on the Board for numerous companies.  Along with Mr. Shear additional staff such as Harold Cole have significant experience with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes and Quality Control.  Both of these individuals have inspected and analyzed scores of production facilities and are well respected in their field.

Outside of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Al Kershman is considered a foremost authority on confections in formulating as well as process and production, and has inspected hundreds of food plants both human and animal over his career and is considered among the nations elite for his analytical capabilities.

Reference Accounts
Numerous Fortune 500 Companies, Public and Private. Additional References may be furnished upon request.

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Our services are customized to the needs of each client. Therefore we traditionally do not send out general information i.e. brochures

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