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Jeff L. Shear
President and Co-Founder

Mr. Shear is co-founder of Shear/Kershman Laboratories and has been CEO since its inception in September 1978. During his career, Mr. Shear was directly involved in the development and commercialization of many of the industries’ first controlled release pharmaceutical products as well as numerous successful pharmaceutical and food products. Mr. Shear is known throughout the pharmaceutical industry as an authority on the development and commercialization of controlled release drug systems. Over the last 20 years Mr. Shear’s background in the development and manufacturing of very complex pharmaceutical products has provided the food industry a valuable non in-bred view of solving operational problems.
     Prior to co-founding Shear/Kershman Laboratories, Mr. Shear spent most of his career with K-V Pharmaceutical Company, a pharmaceutical contract developer and manufacturer and the company that created controlled release drugs. At K-V he served as Manager of Product Development, Vice President Technical Sales and Services, and eventually Vice President and General Manager of the entire operation.

Al Kershman
Executive Vice President and Co-Founder

Mr. Kershman is the Executive Vice President of Shear/Kershman Laboratories and Co-founder. Mr. Kershman has graduate and under-graduate degrees in Food Science and has been able to combine this know-how with technology that exists within the pharmaceutical industry to help provide unique drug delivery systems for pharmaceutical application as well as unique problem solving capabilities relative to an extensive variety of food related problems, from canned meats to the world’s finest confection products.
     Mr. Kershman began his career at General Foods in product development. He was the assistant to the R&D Director at Stokely VanKamp at the time Gator Aid was acquired. Then he became Lab Manager for Sunline, a very creative and successful candy company (Sweet-Tarts, etc.) Following Sunline he was General Manager of the Applied Technology Division of K-V Pharmaceutical, then became Executive Vice President of K-V Pharmaceutical prior to co-founding Shear/Kershman Laboratories

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