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Shear/Kershman Labs has thrived for the past 21 years by assisting organizations in developing new products as well as optimizing existing products and/or product lines.  We have been able to synergistically address needs in several areas.

The expertise that has consistently set us apart is our expertise as well as proprietary technologies in sustained release applications.

More recently the organization has had numerous projects that have assisted companies in developing sustained release formulas to bring their products from multi daily doses to just one or two daily doses.  This may not only reduce the cost for these manufacturers, but provides a marketing selling point and in some cases a competitive advantage

A number of firms have capitalized on our techniques and experiences to increase the proprietary advantage of their products by extending marketing exclusivity of products due to these formula and dosing changes.  This has been especially useful for firms that rely on marketing Orphan Drugs, by providing a low cost alternative to new product development

In each area of development, We have evolved our organization to address the numerous needs of firms after the development stage and therefore we can provide assistance with locating manufacturing partners, manufacturing acquisition candidates, Special process equipment either readily available or through design and manufacturing.  We can even assist in performing assessment of the industry and the products potential in the marketplace.  For more info, see our other service division.  These aspects ensure our clients confidentiality in all phases of a product/concept development and deployment.

Our 3,500 square foot Research & Development facilities are centrally located in Chesterfield MO, just 30 minutes from Saint Louis International Airport and directly Adjacent to Spirit of St. Louis Airport.  Our laboratories are separately divided for Pharmaceutical Applications and Food related applications.  This ensures product integrity and eliminates any contamination.  Our process for feasibility/prototype development adheres to the same standards required in a Pharmaceutical plant.

We possess the necessary equipment to not only formulate new products and concepts but to run test batches and even pilot plant/test market production runs. On site equipment includes:

  • Coating Pans for Enteric Coating

  • Spraying equipment

  • Material Screening

  • Tablet Press

    • Through our strategic partnership with Natoli Engineering located just 2 miles away, we are able to procure various tooling for Tableting as well assist the client in designing prototype tablets as well as have a custom built and designed tablet press or access to a variety of re-condition presses

  • Stability Chambers

  • Cold Storage and testing

  • Medium Scale Baking Equipment

  • Proprietary baking and pharmaceutical processing equipment

  • Flexible Packaging

With our many strategic partners we can provide test run samples for virtually every product type.

Our R&D is broken up into the following areas, please click on a group for more information or contact us.


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